Celestia Grace
Analog & Digital Interactive Design


#TwitterTips: Moments

Pop Up Book

This pop up book was originally created for a video spot. The story depicts the red van on its adventures as it follows the whale from the city to the coast, documenting the trip along the way.

I contributed to this project while working as a designer at The Study.

Half Brother

Half Brother

Tunnel Book

Half Brother is a piece that I created for an artist book class with Susan Lowdermilk at Lane Community College. The tunnel book depicts my twenty first birthday journey to San Francisco, it documents the different forms of transportation I rode there and back. “It was my first time on an airplane... And I returned the same way I arrived.”

Colophon—I dedicate this book to Eileen Babbs who gifted airplane tickets for this twenty-first birthday trip. Original photos taken with my grandfather’s Nikon FG. Hand stamped with moderate care. Eugene, OR.

Instructor—Susan Lowdermilk

Early Riser

Early Riser

Pop Up Book

Early Riser is sculptural pop-up book created for the Artist Book class at Lane Community College. The book is based on a nursery rhyme and dedicated to my departed chickens. On the first side the rooster says, "the cock doth crow, to let you know [turn page] if you be wise, tis time to rise."

Colophon—I dedicate this book to our chickens killed in the Pit Bull massacre. All images are hand filled and silkscreened. Eugene, OR.

Instructor—Susan Lowdermilk.